Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School

Parents & Friends

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School is privileged to have a hard working and dedicated group of parents that form this Association.  The parents within this group volunteer their time, when they can, to assist in a range of activities and events within the school community.

Although fundraising is an important part of the Parents and Friends group for example; cake stalls, canteen and stalls at the Sacred Heart College Fair, it is not the essence of this dynamic parent group.

The Parents and Friends Association is an integral part of community building at the school. It is within this group that ideas can be suggested and shared, that new programs, curricula and other learning can be discussed and that parents are able to enjoy the company of each other while contributing to the growing culture of their child’s school.

All parents are welcome to participate when they can, whether it is at a meeting level, volunteering in the canteen, baking a cake or helping with the Father’s Day or Mother’s Day stall.  Every contribution is appreciated, especially by the children of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School.